August 19, 2017

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Puppet Warp

August 19, 2017

There are times on which you want to straighten up or adjust a certain elements in your image but you don’t want to use tools like Warp or Free Transform. In this case, you can try a Photoshop tool called "Puppet warp". This tool helps when you like to adjust only one small area in your image without affecting anything else. Some of the heavy hitters in landscape photography nowadays are using this technique on their portfolios (I actually learned it from one excellent landscape photographer named Alex Noriega). 


Here is a sample image on which the Lighthouse is not straight (a bit leaning to the left)

Image after the Puppet Warp adjustments 

How to do it:


1) Stamp all the layers (Ctrl/Command + Option + Shift + E) and convert it to into Smart Object (right click then convert to smart object)

2) Underneath the stamped layer, create a new layer. Then go to Edit - Fill - Fill Contents + select "Colour"). Then select any colours from the colour picker (preferably a highly saturated colour that is not available in your image). 

3) Back to your stamped image, go to Edit - Puppet Warp

 4) When you first use it, you will find mesh on it. So just untick the "show mesh" on top to hide it. 

5) Now lay down pins on the sides of the image and on the section/ elements that you want to adjust (by clicking the cursor button). 

 6) Now once you laid down all the necessary pins. You can drag it to the direction that you want to make the adjustments that you need. The purpose of the coloured layer underneath is for you to easily identify whether you are doing the adjustments excessively. And the reason it was a smart object is so you can adjust the pins (by clicking the puppet warp in the puppet warp layer) if needed. 

 7) Now, you can disable the yellow layer, then stamped all the layers and continue with your other adjustments and final touch. 


Now the Final Image:







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